August 10th, 2010

La Weekend

1) Briefly & for those of you in or around Philadelphia -- City Kitties is in the midst of a desperate crisis. They currently have five cats in immediate need of foster homes. Don't think of it as fostering so much as renting a cat -- leaving town in six months or a year? Have a lonely cat of your own you feel guilty about leaving by herself all day while you goof off racing the NASCAR circuit? you can help. You could be, literally, saving something's life.

2) It's tomb city in whafford's archaeology blog -- if you're not reading it, you're missing out. They're digging up bodies left and right.

3) We spent last week with novelist carolynturgeon author of Rain Village and Godmother: The Secret Cinderella Story (her third novel, Mermaid comes out next year). We had a looovely time and went to the kookiest dinner theatre way out in Central PA, the Millbrook Playhouse where the audience was invited to bring food and booze and sort of splash out at tables in front of the stage.

Then because my idea of vacation is working, Carolyn and her friend Max tracked down a bunch of WWII fighter pilots and we spent an afternoon with them talking about B17's and B29's and discovering that officers in the Air Force in the 1940's were far too classy to get tattoos, but it was amazing to hang out with them. We spend some time in a crooked house on a crooked street where trillian_stars was (as usual) strangely affected by gravity.

We spent some portion of the time floating around on Max's dock (apparently if you live in central PA you get to have a pond and 30 acres of land whereas in West Philly you're really happy if you get a driveway. I didn't take many pictures, I'd geared myself up to photographing vets and kind of felt like I was off the clock the rest of the time. Though I did go overboard on the iPhonetography, a bunch of which I posted to to Twitter.

I'm happy to be at a place in my life where so many of the people we know & have known for a while are things like novelists and archaeologists and the like. Though it does put great pressure on your summer reading list. --- I realized that I really like sleeping in guest bedrooms and sofas and in basements, I like being somewhere, doing something, I like the view from someone else's back porch, I like seeing a new world, I like living out of a suitcase, I like sending photos of new places from my phone, meeting people, looking at the books on their shelves, conversations at 1 a.m., I do so really like being a part of this grand thing.

All this reminds me that I still haven't posted about last week's photography workshop in Chicago.

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