October 17th, 2010

In which we rule the toads of these short forests....

So ... at the big Cynthia Von Buhler blowout a couple weeks ago Amanda and I sat together on a sofa and devised some Top Secret artwork for her upcoming EP. We met in New York last week (where I also photographed the lovely young people in Bitter Ruin) and had a fabulous series of photo shoots that ended up on this Brooklyn rooftop where we were victorious

@daph_punk, me, Amanda, Superkate & Hayley Fiasco Clickenzee to Embiggen!

and then in dinner with a whole gobsmack of wonderful people like IndeSEAN, Superkate, director Michael Pope, bethofalltrades and the very lovely Neil Gaiman. I'd come up with model @daph_punk and we had to skedaddle back to the megabus. As we were getting out of the taxi we ran into Autumn from Heartless Revival who was walking down the street with two models who had just been doing something at Comic Con (one of the models had an eye patch with spikes like some sort of bulldog pirate). Somehow the two models wrangled Daphne and I the top front seats in the double decker Megabus and we rode home as though watching an IMAX film about freeways. It was pretty amazing.

Some time after that, days later, perhaps, I got a call from one of my most favoriteist musicians,Sxip Shirey, who was in tow with his band band of gypsy klezmer musicians The Luminescent Orchestrii and The Carolina Chocolate Drops. Intern Monkey addieplum and I did a couple of photos for their upcoming EP and then this photo of Sxip and Rhiannon which I like very very much but I'm not sure it will ever get used anywhere, so I post it here that it may have life and breathe air.

Clickenzee to Embiggen!

In there was also a bunch of other stuff which I hope to get to (like dinner with Jill Tracy who it took me years now to meet) but I know how long I'll read someone's blog before my eyes glaze over so I shall leave that to another day.

Oh, and trillian_stars is rehearsing for a new play. That involves ghosts.

Be splendid today.

p.s. people are emailing to say that they've gotten their Day My Grandmother Exploded books and sometimes ask what photos go with what quotes -- I'll have a separate post for that when the second round of books get delivered.

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