November 13th, 2010

still churning

Still churning away through images but it seems inappropriate to not update here when I've been banging away at this on Twitter. For those of you not following me there (and there's no reason to if you don't want to, you might just find out some stuff faster and get bombarded with useless stuff that never makes it here)....

trillian_stars and I went to New Orleans on a Top Secret mission to celebrate Neil Gaiman's 50th birthday and last wednesday we were clued in by Amanda that there was also a Top Secret Wedding involved. So Top Secret in fact, that Neil knew nothing about it. He was first surprised in discovering the 8 Foot Bride while strolling down the street and when he stopped to gawk he was even more surprised to discover that his friends had flashmobbed behind him from places of concealment ready to witness the nuptuals. In-depth blog post will, of course, follow. But here's the photo that was posted to Twitter. Taken with mah iPhone.

Clickenzee to Embiggen!

Feel free to share. Much goodness coming soon.

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