December 16th, 2010

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So much has been going on. I'll try and be quick.

(& while there are lots of photos but I have squished them into really small file sizes for all of you on slow connections, fret not.)

There's a new Amanda Palmer album coming out called Amanda Palmer Goes Down Under which will be released only in Australia (don't cry, there's a digital release everywhere else). Recently I went up to New York for the shooting of the first video Map of Tasmania. I shot the "cover" for the single. It's odd and beautiful how while the technology evolves the language remains the same and we get to watch it change. Though now that I think of it saying "record" for a digital .mp3 file is just as valid as saying "record" for a 33 1/3 vinyl pressing. But we still say "album" and we still say "album cover" when it's just a photo that no longer has any reason that it needs to be square.

In any event -- the "cover" photo is modeled after Mötlüy Crüë's Too Fast For Love which was a Big Important Album in my life growing up. (Yes yes, but I love the ümlaüts and I'm not going to losë this öppörtünity tö indülgë. )

Click to buy the single AND NAME YOUR PRICE

It's infectious and something like a Caribbean pop song. Amanda wrote it in ten minutes backstage before a show based on a joke someone told her, she never thought she'd play it again, but someone recorded it on their phone and posted it to youtube and someone else remixed it and it sounded amazing and wonderful and ... so she recorded it. And if not for a confluence of small events, something that would have otherwise been forgotten now has an awesome album cover that looks like Vince Neil's crotch.

The set was wonderfully designed and lit by Michael Pope who's really amazing and wonderful and who directed all the videos from WKAP and also the Girl Anachronism and Coin Operated Boy videos which you love. He had this home-brew ring light which I loved like Darth Vader loves Evil and just ... beautiful genius. Hug him and tell him he's wonderful if you ever meet him.

It was a crazy and wonderful day and I met awesome people like Eugene Choe who was one of the dancers

who could do all sorts of crazy things like spin around on his head. (We swapped digits so there will very likely be more from the two of us.) There was a lot of down time so Intern Monkey addieplum and I set up a little studio outside on the street and did portraits of lots of people -- like singer / songwriter & cupcake punk Emilyn Brodsky

We had a great time and Amanda's going to blog about it and I'll defer to her and she may use a bunch of my photos so you'll see more of what was going on Behind teh Scenez.

Here's most of the whole crew including two lost people way in the back in funny hats who thought this was a book reading party.

So much to still write about -- Sibelius, the gallery show Tuesday night, about ten billion tear sheets, giant books which have arrived and the million tendrils of Things That Return Different When You Send Them Into The World With Love.

Do something really great today: make tea, write a poem.

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