December 18th, 2010


trillian_stars and I were back at the orchestra Saturday to see Sibelius suite No. 1 from The Tempest, Symphony No. 5 and Ranjbaran's Piano Concerto featuring Jean-Yyves Thinbaudet. Robert Spano was conducting, which means we've yet to see the new wunderkind Yannick Nézet-Séguin (nay-ZAY say-GHEN if you're wondering).

Trillian had cleverly moved our usual seats stage left to stage right this time because she wanted to be able to see Thinbaudet's hands -- left to my own devices I wouldn't have, thinking the sound would be better on the business end of the piano, but her wisdom was sagatious. Almost as interesting as the piece itself was Thinbaudet's score, which had pages that folded out, pages that slid out, and pages that were taped on. The whole thing was as intricate as a popup book. (Oh and it was HAND WRITTEN with lots of notes. I'd love to see it up close.) His Tourneuse de Pages would stand, grab the score, and with a nod of the head, slide one page out of the score to the right, unfold another to the left and then in an instant flip the slid out page, fold the extended on into another origami paper crane and the thing would go on at a million notes a minute. I'd never have thought that turning pages on a score would have to be so well rehearsed. It also made me thing that the whole thing might be a lot easier on an ipad that scrolled itself.

I'd never heard the excerpts from the Tempest before and it was kind of a delight of the evening.

Trillian wore a silver flapper dress by Kambriel because, you know, some people are gonna ask.

And in other important orchestra news from front row stage right, Jason DePue has shaved his beard and Davyd Booth was wearing Doc Martin boots, which gets two thumbs up.
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