December 19th, 2010

Another Day

It's been insane busy around here lately. There was a little unexpected flurry around Leaving Dakota that we weren't expecting, and trillian_stars has been out at auditions and rehearsals and performances nearly every day and I've got a bunch of Top Secret Projects that need to get finished and that Intern Monkey addieplum has been working on non-stop. This includes a collaboration with novelist Emma Bull and lois2037 which should be ready soon and an etsy shop for a bunch of other stuff that's been lying about. There was the big deal of Amanda Palmer's Map of Tasmania song that is doing really well (and has awesome cover art). I'll try and get caught up.

Trillian bought the astrolabe dress from Heartless Revival.
We used it in some of the Leaving Dakota shots and it was too nice to send back.
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And here's a shot I snuck in the theater at the opening of Trill's play Merry @#$ing Christmas which was very funny and very ... ribald. So much so that they were carding people at the door. Eeek.

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And from the mailbag:

Hi Kyle, I was wondering if I can send Roswell a solstice present?

Yes you can. Though I don't want to be a spoilsport parent and say "she's got plenty of toys, you should give them to a more needy parent"-- she does have a lot of stuff (someone sent her a monogrammed Xmas stocking a few years back, it's hanging over the fireplace). She gets more catnip-stuffed mice in the mail than she can handle at once. To keep them from being a serious tripping hazard, we keep them in a drawer which she can hear us open from across the house. She'll come tearing into the kitchen and leap up onto the cabinet and start pawing in the drawer to fish out a new one. However many she has out she'd always like one more.

Roswell's address is Collapse )

Would you mind if I used one of your photos for my computer desktop?"

That would make me very happy.

Can I friend you on Facebook? Facebook told me not to friend you unless we actually know one another.

You can absolutely friend me on Facebook. For a company that seems to have no problem handing out my personal info willy-nilly to anyone with a checkbook it seems a little disingenuous for them to tell you not to friend me because we haven't met yet. I hereby declare us friends.

Don't forget to do something awesome today.

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