February 12th, 2011

Something You Can Do: Windermere Cats Update

I'll keep this brief. There is something you can do even if you live far away. (Latest update from City Kitties here.)

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There are several people you can call, email and fax. The building is still scheduled for demo on Monday, so the only way we can stop it is to raise a ruckus.

Sue Cosby at PSPCA is in charge of Animal Care and Control Team. They're the people the city has hired to (among other things) "remove animals from the premises of ... burned-out, condemned, vacant, or abandoned buildings"

The Pennsylvania SPCA
350 E. Erie Avenue
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19134
(215) 426-6300

Also, the owners of the building, Sam and David Ginsberg: Sam Ginsberg: 732.213.3088, David Ginsberg: 215.892.3043. They're probably not in over the weekend, but you can leave a message.

When leaving a message, calling, or emailing, be polite we want these people to help. We're asking that the building demolition be delated and animal rescue groups be allowed into the building to set traps and look for animals. These are people's pets which have survived a fire, 24 hours of high pressure hoses, and a month without being fed. Their people have been through enough already without having to imagine walls and debris collapsing down on a pet that survived so much. Also, when contacting ACCT or the SPCA we want to know how this is going to be avoided in the future -- it may be too late to save these pets, but we want to be sure this won't happen the next time.

The protest is still going on in just a few minutes. I'll report from there, you can check on twitter for updates.

Thanks. (& Apologies to everybody who's reading this blog for the photos -- we'll be back to normal as soon as possible.) "Official" up-to-date info will be at the City Kitties website.

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Protest successful!

Thank you to everyone who called or wrote!

City Kitties Reporting: "PSPCA obtained a warrant, entered the building and set about a dozen traps on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floors. The traps will be checked at 8am tomorrow. THANK YOU to the tireless efforts of George Bengal, Barbara Paul, and the entire PSPCA team. We will post details tomorrow when we have them."

Read their FB post about it here.

Tomorrow, I promise a non cat-related post. In fact, I think tomorrow I will post about knitting.

No foolin.

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