February 20th, 2011

Help Trillian, plays we've seen, plays we will see, comic book legends and other stuff....

1) Imagine that you are the casting director for a new show on FX or maybe USA called "Lady Mac", it's the story of Macbeth, set in 21st century Los Angeles, Tony Shallhoub is already cast to play MacBeth and Tom Wopat will play Duncan and David Soul to play Macduff ... all that remains is to cast Lady MacBeth for what will surely be the greatest TV show of the season. Before you are five headshots -- which one do you pick?

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Some other photo (described in comments)

2) In other news, we went to see Theater Exile's production of The Lieutenant of Inishmore at plays and players. I didn't know anything about it apart from there was a guy on the poster holding a gun and they were using Bleeding Cowboys as their title font. It's a dark comedy that rapidly turns into almost zombie as buckets of blood gush all over the stage (in total, seven gallons of blood and a 1.5 hour cleanup of the set every night). People are shot, blood blasts across the stage, there are several gun battles, people are decapitated, corpses sawed apart, people strung upside down and tortured and ... you keep laughing the whole time. It's sort of like watching one of those episodes of South Park where you keep saying to yourself Why am I laughing? This isn't funny! Oh dear, why do my sides ache so?! Solid performances, great special effects, dark dark dark humor about murder and violence in the Irish Republican Army.

So, if you like zombie movies and you like plays -- check it out.

3) Then yesterday we went to see Tom Freaking Purdom's lecture at the Independence Seaport Museum and had a swell time, it was about the efforts of the British Navy to stop the slave trade in both East and West africa in the 1800's, fascinating accounts of pitched battles, marooning, death, and human trafficking.

4) Right now trillianstars is out at an audition for Much Ado About Nothing. Tonight we're going to go see Sarah Kane's play Blasted at the Luna Theater. Apparently Blasted is so violent that people get up and walk out of the theater during the show and the theater's been keeping a running count of the number of people who flee. No one under 18 is admitted. Eeek. It's been brilliantly reviewed in all the papers though, so we shall see.

5) In still other news, comic book legend Michael Zulli is on kickstarter! The Fracture of the Universal Boy is a 200 page hardbound graphic novel, looking for backers now (I think he's about 1/3 of the way through). Michael, who's style is a lot like a Pre Raphialite, but with a pencil, also has a show in Los Angeles, March 19th that we'll be there for, at Gallery Nucleus.

That's about it. Leaving Dakota's on tour and doing well, if you've been to one of the shows, do post any photos you took to the Flickr gallery. Not only are there new photos, but last week new props got added! So it's growing.

I need to call some people about War Paint.

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