March 7th, 2011

Looking for a new Intern & Trillian Stars is giving away her camera bag

1) In Which I Look For A New Intern
Intern Monkey addieplum is having a baby! Which means I'm looking for someone to take her place. There's not an awful lot of stuff to to, it's mostly things like coordinating traveling art shows, and mailing prints out as well as a variety of optional photo opportunities -- to be on shoots learn about lighting and occasionally hobknob with rock stars. You also often get first dibs on anything discovered at the back of the photo closet, extra lenses, or weird photo things companies send me. I'm happy to work w/ advisors & college instructors to make it for credit. West Philly based is best. Drop me a line if you're interested.

2) In Which Trillian Stars Gives Away Her Camera Bag
Speaking of things from the back of the photo closet, were you my intern you'd probably have first dibs on trillian_stars' camera bag. In a clever move last summer Trillian absconded with my favorite camera bag. It was made by M-Classics and is was the coolest camera bag i owned. I found the contents upended on the sofa and her dashing off to an audition, bag filled with scripts and headshots and sandwiches. It was adored by all who saw it. I tried weeping and I tried threats, but she insists that I shall never have it back.

This means that she has no need of her old camera bag and so it's available free to the right person. It's WWII surplus, stamped "1940" on the back, with an adjustable leather strap. it had a leather clasp that you could use to fasten it shut, but that's worn out & come apart. If you're clever you could probably replace it.

The cash value of this bag is probably about six dollars. But it's not about money, it's about magic. This could be the magic camera bag that makes your photo project happen.

Clickenzee to Embiggen!

Here's how you get Trillian's camera bag.

1) Make a photograph of all the stuff that you'd carry around in it: your camera, your tissue papers, your extra lens, your paperback book, your mechanical pencil

2) Post that photo here.

3) Write a sentence or two about your current project

Note Just because it was a camera bag for Trillian doesn't mean it has to be one for you -- it could be your poetry-writing bag, your baby-socks crochet bag, your piccolo bag, or your every-day-i-live-my-life bag.

trillian_stars will pick the winner from everything posted by this Friday (3/11/2011) based on whatever whim goes through her head and we'll pack the bag full of some magic stuff and notes of encouragement and love and send it off to its new home.

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