March 15th, 2011

Comment Notification

There's an update in news about the comment notification kerfuffle it is, as suspected, that LJ's email was blocked by a number of ISP's because of the amount of spam being sent from it. They're trying to get off the blacklist. Some users report that by switching their comment notification address to gmail they're able to get notifications. The rest of us need to go to the lj home page and click "messages" to see our inboxes. It's somewhat important that you check to see if spambots have been posting during comment notifications absence. Don't just delete them, but also check the box that says "report as spam" so the offenders accounts can be removed.

They're also looking to develop automated ways to block spammers, but at the moment it's my understanding that the spammers are using real people to register spam accounts so they are, in theory, legitimate, and LJ can't catch them until they start posting spam and get reported.

So there you go. Report on recent cool stuff to follow tonight.

*** EDIT: Perhaps ironically the first two replies to this post were spam.