March 19th, 2011

In Lost Angeles

So I'm in Lost Angeles working on the Not Top Secret photo project with Fairuza Balk and things are going wonderfully. Fairuza's kind and energetic and professional and talented and everything you could really hope for. Things have been going very quickly and we've got good stuff. Yesterday we tromped into a Goodwill in West Hollywood and created a scene. It was sort of like someone threw fish food into a koi pond. I wonder what it must be like to carry around a pocket of gravity like that with you, so that you changes people's paths when you walk into a room. I would imagine it gets tedious, but Fairuza was gregarious and ... really just giddy. She talked to everyone, and seemed like a kid in a candy store. We spied the coolest awful green poofy dress which leapt out at both of us at the same time. She ducked into a changing booth and a little mob of curious people gathered around and when she came out it fit perfectly and people smiled and I smiled because I knew the universe was working diligently in our favor.

"Shall we put that in a bag?" someone asked.

"No way," she said, "we're wearing it out."

Clickenzee to Embiggen

And we shot along the street in a gigantic lime green prom dress that swirled and swooshed and crinkled. And people in their LA way looked sideways as they walked past and tried to figure out what we were doing, because here you just assume everyone's a movie star - no one in a giant green dress is ever on their way to the prom here because it's weird and magic here. And sometime's the magic is awful and oppressive and sometimes it's not.

"I don't live in LA, in my head," Fairuza says, "I live in my house." And everything seemed suddenly real and it all made sense

And people in Lost Angeles are eating radiation pills with their latte's and half a world away the Earth has cracked apart and people are fighting governments for their lives and things swirl out of control. And in a world where we're all so much closer to the things that go wrong there's a green dress that someone wore to a prom and hopefully they had a good time, because it's the sort of dress people are supposed to have a good time in.

Do something good today.

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