March 20th, 2011

la day 2

Yesterday was eventful - I did Angela Hunt's author photo while we were waiting for our food to arrive at a Denny's

then we went to the La Brea tar pits and checked out the excavations and to the museum to see the assembled fossils and watch the paleontologists glue bones together and tried to pull those rods out of the tar to see what it would be like to be stuck in a tar pit. I also enjoyed watching tourists gather around the active tar pools and shove sticks in them, trying to immortalize themselves by falling in.

After I sat outside in the park and my traveling companion Mario ventured off into the art museum while I edited photos. It was lovely in the park. Eventually we went off to Michael Zulli's gallery show in Alhambra. The place was mobbed and I didn't get to talk much to Zulli as he was constantly surrounded by people looking for him to sign things and ask about pencils and the like. Eventually Mario and I went off to find dinner at a place called Crazy Sushi with Rachel M Photo and Brian C. Janes & his wife (who is currently playing an assassin in something and just did a horror flick with Sam Rami -- which reinforced my belief that everybody you see in LA must be famous) and bluejeanus was there, who's currently animating a show for MTV.

It was fun and swell and by the time we got back the gallery show was winding down and I did a portrait of Michael Zulli (not the one here) that will make you weep when you see it and that I'm very happy with. Thanks to everyone who came out and said hello, it made my night.

Mario and I came back to Mike Berman's, where we're staying in Glenndale, looked once at the hot tub and decided to go to sleep instead. Today's going to be a long day with many exciting things, one of which will be vegetable soup, and I'm just as excited about that as everything else.

Hope all is well with you.

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