May 15th, 2011

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trillian_stars is doing a reading in Philadelphia Monday night. These are performances of plays still in the writing/re-writing process performed by actors with scripts so that the playwright can see how things work -- what may need to be changed, what the audiences like -- this is an opportunity for you to be a part of the creative process -- meet a playwright, see a play performed and have your opinion really count. I'll be there, giving loud and possibly unwelcome feedback -- I hope you can join me. Trillian says of the play: "It's a play by local West Philadelphian Ilana Vine and is called Quiet, Suburban. I play a thwarted suburban mother whose dreams are filtered through the lives of her two daughters."

If you're in Philadelphia and want to come, all the pertinent info is Collapse )

If you're not in Philly or aren't interested, just look at the picture and move along. Be swell today. Here's a photo that has almost nothing to do with Monday's performance.

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