May 23rd, 2011

Back for Revenge and the Rumors Must End!

Back from Virginia where we had a wonderful awesome workshop. We did a series of semi-elaborate photo shoots based on stuff that people had brought, in this case it was a bear suit. One of the students obsessively checks Craigs List for free costumes and has the most outrageous collection of full size Chinese parade dragons, life sized lego people, and various animals. It was one of the most awesome things.

Having a bear I thought we should have a homeowner chasing the bear out of a trash can, which we did and photographed, but just having them stand, Grant Woods, in front of the house also appealed to me. Though this was really an exercise in balancing external flash with existing daylight, no one says it can't be fun.

Came home tonight to Jason Webeley and Sxip Shirey and Eliza Rickman and novelist Maria Dahvana Headley crashed out in my living room. There will be grand adventures. Sxip has already turned everything in the living room into a musical instrument, though I'm hoping to convince Eliza to bust out the toy piano and play us a song.

Had a weird experience on the train on the way back; the guy next to me pulled a copy of Videomaker magazine out of his briefcase and started reading it, while I was typing away on my next article on my laptop. I figured it would be weird reverse-stalkerish for me to say "hey, there, have you seen my article on page 56?!" and thought "well, I'll only mention it when he's actually reading my article, which he somewhat maddeningly never did, though he kept looking over and reading my computer screen, trying to pretend that he wasn't. I was waiting to see if he figured it out and could sort of hear his brain buzzing a little. Eventually he put the magazine away and started watching Batman on his laptop, which I kept looking over at pretending that I wasn't watching.

Clickenzee to Embiggen!

Hope all is well with you. Do something fabulous today. I'm going to be getting caught up on lots of stuff.

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