June 24th, 2011

comment spam?

I'm getting five or six lj comment spams a day now. Maybe 40% of them in Russian - the ones in English advertising spy cams, great bras, or other traditional spam fodder. Often these appear in very old posts. I imagine the blogs of people who aren't checking daily will eventually become solidified with these like cave rock formations.

Is this just me, or is everybody getting this?

EDIT: Has anyone else noticed that the "delete and mark as spam" option is now gone?
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Look Ma, I'm on the radio!

There's a photo of me and Amanda and Colin & the band in the Jersey Journal though they called me "a camera crew" instead of Kyle Freaking Cassidy.

Last night's photo shoot went well, we had five minutes and shot before the show in the street. I just barely made the last train home. Roswell was happy to see me. Tonight it's off to Boston for Caitlin R. Kiernan Top Sekret Madness, plus some War Paint plus some other awesome.

Rock on.

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