July 6th, 2011

In Which Our Hero Does Three Book covers!!

After a long time of being a Sekret Projekt I see the Shadow Unit books have hit amazon.com. Created as a weird hypertext hoax of sorts about a world which looks a lot like this one but has a TV show about a world that looks a lot like this one, but very strange, the Shadow Unit is a very clever and difficult to describe ... thing which pokes into our own world through various blogs and clues hidden across the Internet. It's the brainchild of novelists Elizabeth Bear, Emma Bull and Will Shetterly and is now hitting the world (our world that is) in eight volumes, the first three of which I've done covers for (whee!) and I just noticed showed up on amazon.com (dead trees versions arriving soonish?). Sarah Monette, Amanda Downum, Holly Freaking Black, and Stephen Shipman also write, produce, or art direct.

The first book is (at the moment at least) only 99 cents, so you've no excuse not to get it (apart from "i don't have a Kindle, iPad or computer, or know how to read, but I'd know you were lying).

Clickenzee to go to the Amazon.com page

Initially I wanted to convert the Kindle version to an ePub because it bugged me to have some of my books in Kindle and others in iBooks but when I discovered that the Kindle app lets you look at the cover full res (the iBooks app gives you a thumbnail which, when you click on it, gets tantalizingly larger as it animates "opening" but it's like one of those annoying animated .gif's on 4chan where the bikini top never quite falls off before it jumps back to the beginning) I started wondering if I shouldn't be converting my ePub's to Kindle....

It's a wonderful thought that just a few years ago I was sitting on a bus somewhere reading Bear & Bull & Black & Shetterly's books and now I'm on the cover of three of them. (If you didn't know, Emma Bull is on LJ (coffeeem) as is Elizabeth Bear (matociquala). willshetterly is hiding in plane sight.)

There's a bunch of other news but I've got a book deadline coming at me like a freight train and it's finally starting to feel like it's coming together.

Do what you do well and work hard at it.

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