August 8th, 2011

One Top Sekret Projekt Declassified: Turn of the Screw

Peter Straub is a great guy, he's written some of the best American horror novels ever, he's humble and charming: to know him is to love him, (though to read him is to suspect he spends a lot of time in the basement covered in blood or dragging moaning carpets down to the lake.) Last summer Trilian Stars and I were trying to think of an appropriate gift for Peter for being such a darling fellow. Peter has a marvelous obsession with Henry James and I have an obsession with movies that I'll never be able to make for lack of funds so it crossed our minds that we should make him some move stills from a version of The Turn of the Screw (read it here on Gutenberg) that we would have made had we the time and bags of cash.

You may remember that last summer I put out a casting call for kids to play Flora and Miles (that's Andi and Archer there) and Curse as Peter Quint. We did three scenes, including the climactic face-off between the never-named governess and the ghost of Peter Quint and sent the best two to Peter, who's got them hanging in his living room.

This is kind of what goes on around here.

Clickenzee to see different images & get prints, if you're so inclined.

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