August 24th, 2011

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Our nephew was out from Wisconsin this week, he's a sophomore in high school, which is a fun age where everything is exciting and the world is full of wonder. We played a lot of pinball and visited our friends Ryan & smileitsme and went with them to visit "Wild" Bill Guarnere, who entertained us all with tales of parachuting into France on D-Day and fighting his way to the Ardennes where he lost a leg in the Battle of the Bulge. I showed Bill a printout of War Paint and he went through page by page and read out everybody's name and what branch of the service they were from. "Oh, look," he'd say, "a Marine. He sure looks like a Marine, Tom Murtha."

A few days of splendor and joy in amongst the hubbub and preparations for this weekend's Big Project.

Here's Bill, taken with a Panasonic GF1 and the 20mm f1.7 lens, wide open at about 1/120 400 asa.

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