September 2nd, 2011

feline diabetes question

Hey folks -- question for those of you with diabetic cats.

Roswell went back to the vet the day before yesterday and her blood sugar was THIRTY SEVEN. Down from 550. (It's supposed to be 200.) So they changed her dose from 4 to 2.

This morning she was running around goofy as usual, but when feeding & injection time came she wasn't interested in the meat paste, she just sat on the sofa while Milla ate her food, so I skipped the shot. I'm wondering if her blood sugar could be just crazy all over the place making her feel lousy very suddenly or if it's something else -- and if so, I'm not sure what I should be doing.

That's one question, I actually have another -- should I get a home blood sugar test kit and start poking her in the ear all the time? Has that (those of you who have one) helped at all?


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