September 8th, 2011

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My photo of Donna Lynch from Ego Likeness is on the cover of Blip Bop

Oddly it is credited to someone named Vlad McNeally. I'm guessing that's some screwup on the magazine's part.

Clickenzee to Embiggen

And because you should, here's Ego Likeness playing Breedless. Which is awesome.

You can buy their awesome album with the awesome cover art on amazon by clicking here.

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home theater question

If you're not an AV-club geek, you can just skip this and get on with your friends page.

We've got a persistent and annoying problem with our home theater which consists of:

A Yamaha rx-v440 receiver
2 Boston Acoustic vr20's in the front
2 Boston Acoustic CR55's in the rear channel
A JBL something-or-other center channel
A 40 watt powered subwoofer which isn't connected because when we watch Master and Commander it knocks things off the walls.

When watching a DVD or listening to a CD there will occasionally be a "POP" and the left speaker will go out, this will happen at seemingly random times, but often within 5 minutes of turning on the stereo. If I disconnect the cable and tap the terminal, it'll crackle as you touch the terminal, but no audio comes through.

If I power down the amp and turn it back on, the left channel will usually come back.

And occasionally the amp will just shut itself down -- usually at a very critical moment in The West Wing. The longest it seems the amp goes without shutting down is probably an hour.

I figured it was a short in the speaker wire, so I unplugged the left speaker completely, but the amp will still shut itself off. The vents on top aren't obstructed and we have a fan up there just in case, but it seems to have no effect.

Any ideas?
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