September 29th, 2011

life at 100 mph: music music music edition

Things are going a hundred miles an hour here at Casa del Milla -- if I touch anything as we zoom past now one or both of us is liable to burst into flames. We just got back from Wyoming, Minnesota, Utah, Montana and who knows where else, we've had house guests, sometimes five at once, every day since then and today we're getting prepped for two concert events at the house, which involves stripping the place out and putting it back together, baking, and now patching a hole in the wall and a bit of collapsed ceiling from the flood.

I wanted to recommend two bands that are on tour right now -- both of whom are going to be here this week, the first is Eliza Rickman who's touring the whole freaking country, one night of which, by special arrangement, happens to be our house this Friday. If you're in town and want to come, email for the secret special. Eliza plays the toy piano like it was an orchestra -- but don't trust me blindly, watch her video

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And also Jason Lee Jones' new band (ex The Drownout) Death is a Dialogue (myspace link) is touring the East coast (from Boston down also out to Chicago and Alabama, TN, & Georgia) -- they're crashing at the Rock Star Hotel this weekend. The new band is more hard-edged than the Pop extravaganza Drownout (tour schedule's on their myspace).

Plus they have a song about Edgar Allan Poe.

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