November 22nd, 2011

In other news....

This just in ... City Kitties reports that Clark Kent made it through the night. This is a big deal.

City Kitties has a long update about him here in which they say, in part, Thank you for reminding us that for every cruel person who abandons or mistreats an animal, there are hundreds of amazing and compassionate people out there willing to help.

I thank you too.

You can still help Clark & other cats out here

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(no subject)

This is Diamond, the cat who gave Clark Kent the blood transfusion last night and saved his life. Diamond lives full time at The Cat Doctor in Philadelphia. (It's where Roswell goes!) You can send Diamond fan mail or constantly hit "refresh" for updates on Clark by going to The Cat Doctor's Facebook page.

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From The Cat Doctor's Facebook page (emphasis mine):

"Clark Kent update: he's dehydrated and has an infection in his mouth (probably a tooth that needs to come out) that has abscessed. He's on antibiotics and IV fluids. Clark Kent is a Superman, but he's not out of the woods yet. According to the information we've obtained from the microchip, this poor guy is only about two years old, and was adopted only six months ago. He deserves so much better than this."
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