May 7th, 2012

Busy few days....

So, it's been a busy few days here at the blimp mooring station high atop Fortress Hennepin.

Saturday I was in New York City with Amanda Palmer doing photos for the new album -- they came out wonderfully and if you supported the kickstarter you got one of them in your email update last night. The others will come out soon. There was much twittering of the events, so if you go back through my stream you can find a sort of blow-by-blow.

That was a really long day with a Top Sekret Shoot tacked on at the end. Estrella-Mar, who assisted (and drove), got the brunt of a lot of that and ended up staying two nights here with us.

Sunday was a shoot for the two new upcoming Ego Likeness albums, the long awaited "East" and a full length I don't know if they've told anybody the name of yet, so I'll stay quiet.

I posted this photo from the shoot as soon as we were done and it, within 8 or 9 minutes, became my most "liked" photo on Facebook, which is pretty remarkable. I do like it.

Hope you're all swell today. Roller Derby Update sometime today on the Roller Derby Tumblr.

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