May 13th, 2012

Trash Day at the Hall of Justice

I wonder about a lot of weird stuff all the time. I wonder what superheroes are doing when they're not fighting crime. I wonder "if the trash can is full at the Hall of Justice and there's no robot butler around, who empties it?" I figured Batman would empty it because he has an overwhelming sense of practical civic duty. Superman could crush it into a singularity if he felt like it, but I think he's probably always thinking about other stuff. Then I started wondering what Batman would look like if he was carting the Justice League's trash out to the curb and the trash truck had just pulled away. And then I thought of Jared Axelrod, the comic writer & costumer.

And then I knew exactly what it would look like.

Clickenzee to Embiggen!

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Trillian's New Play

So trillian_stars has a new play which opened last week and closes on the 19th.

It's called Carter's Play & was written by Josh McIlvane who also wrote Boat Hole, Deer Head and a very funny play that the nature of my blog doesn't allow me to name all of which Trillian has been in.

Carter's Play features a play-within-a-play. It's about a theater company putting on a performance of a new play written by the director that's always on the verge of getting shut down for lack of money (so it's actually like a play within a play within reality). The play in question is called Terminal Diner (which I actually think would have been a much better name for the real play than Carter's Play which seems ambivalent without being ambiguous.) Terminal Diner is about Cyrus and Margo (who are Matt and Chrissie in the enveloping play) get trapped in a diner in Kansas during a terrible thunderstorm and flash flood, as the water begins to sweep away cars and cows their personalities become unwraveled in this crucible. As Terminal Diner plays to a number of different crescendos the action will often stop, the characters change identities and the director appear to discuss the action, but the cast is unwravling as well, writer/director Carter is one by one sleeping his way through the cast and crew, including the wife of the theater owner and trying to keep everyone from finding out about everyone else.

The play-within-a-play gives a terrific opportunity for the actors to be able to express a grand range of emotion from the dramatic scenes in Terminal Diner then to the also dramatic but very different "real life" of the actors. If you're in Philly you know what to do.

Show dates: May 9 (preview), 10, 11, 12, 13, 17, 18, 19. All shows at 8pm, except Sunday May 13 at 2pm

Venue: The White Space at Crane Old School, LP, 1417 North 2nd Street (2 blocks North of Girard, just north of Northern Liberties area).
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