May 31st, 2012

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Readercon is July 12-15 in Burlington MA this year. I'm going and doing some super cool stuff (seriously, you need to be there for this shiznit). They just asked me if I wanted to host a kaffeklatch, which is basically where we sit around and eat donuts and someone spikes the punch and we talk about stuff. I held one at Worldcon a couple years ago and it was wonderful, but I'm not sure who's going ... so I ask you .....

Poll #1843922 Should I Host a Kaffeklatch at Readercon?

Should I Host a Kaffeklatch at Readercon?

Yes, I woud go!
No, I already know you.
I'd rather stalk you in the hotel Kinnearing fuzzy photos with my iPhone
I'm not going to Readercon but I love participating in polls!

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