October 17th, 2012

At an undisclosed location ... in which I am about to photograph Weird Al Yakovic

I remember Kevin telling a story of how he ended up in a Volkswagon Jetta, driving it like a get-away car, hunched over the wheel, swerving around ducks and trash cans with Weird Al Yankovic in the back seat, careening dangerously towards an amusement park where there may or may not have been a roller coaster they wanted to ride at 2:00 in the morning. And while this sounds like the fevered dream of many a person, it wasn't Kevin's fevered dream, it was a true story, though I may have gotten some of the details wrong.

Kevin debuted in my life as a viking padding a canoe across a stage -- he's been a great friend with a furious drive to photograph space shuttle launches ever since.

And it makes complete sense that now while there's Weird Al hijinks going on, Kevin's here, holding the lights and being the inexplicable dude at the intersection of stuff that is happening.

trillian_stars with Weird Al, getting ready for the shenanigans to begin.

We are off. Coming soon -- Weird Al portraits and probably a crazy story that involves Kevin. And maybe a canoe paddle.

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