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my ears! my ears!

two things, one is that the new brainclaw disc, dead monsters is out -- i have two photos in it, one in the cd-booklet, and another in the tray (after you pop out the disc). i cannot stop listening to fallen which you can download from isong. you kids in the club, i'm talking to you. it's been on repeat for a month now. they're on BLC records and distributed through metropolis so you ought to be able to get it just about anywhere that sells k-k00l t00nz.

the other thing is that the freaking empire hideous back catalog is now available on hells hundred from middle pillar. if you think the sisters of mercy, the fields of the nephilim, bauhaus, and siouxsie playing your birthday party would be the best thing that ever happened, pick up "Body of Work" which includes the "evil on earth" ep and the "only time will tell" album as well as their first 12 inch. most of these have been out of print for so long and available only as $75 ebay scores. "Power the Empire", "Kissing your Poison", and "November" are some of the best old sk00l goff tunes ever written (imho -- though i think Mick Mercer might agree with me).

And while you're there, if you're in a band, work with bands, or ever wanted to be in a band, pick up myke's book "From the King of an Empire to the Shoes of a Misfit" which i rank right up there with Frank Zappa's Autobiography and Motley Crue's "All the Dirt" as the best rock-n-roll books i've ever read. you don't have to like his music to appreciate the book which is, at it's core, the story of what happens when you give up the grueling life you've had to struggle for every arduous day like a mouse in a cat house in exchange for the life in which all your dreams come true and you find out you were a lot better off before you let the djinn out of the bottle but that you can't really ever go back.

i'll leave you with photos of brainclaw and the empire hideous.

all this good music is making me very happy. aural overload.

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