January 17th, 2013

In which a good thing goes in a very, very long circle

In 2009 I got an email about a kid who'd saved up his allowance for a year and donated all of it, every penny, to City Kittes, our local stray-cat rescue. I did a blog post about it and a few months later, another blog post, this time about how my own post had circled back to me. Well, that story circled around the internet and every year Evan kept donating all of his money to City Kitties and it spiraled, larger, and larger. I got to meet Evan one year at one of the City Kitties art auctions, he was shy and quiet and I didn't want to overwhelm him, but I felt I'd met a real hero -- someone who was completely selfless -- the exact opposite of people who move out and leave their pets on the back porch to fend for themselves.

One of Evan's letters to City Kitties

In any event, the story swirled around to the top of Reddit and then the Huffington Post and really exploded. And yesterday, Evan was on the Ellen Degeneres show and Ellen had a suprise up her sleeve.

I won't blow the surprise, but I'll link to this page at City Kitties.

When I got to the surprise my jaw dropped.

And then I set up a monthly donation to them because if a ten year old kid can think selflessly, I can at least try.

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This is not a fitness blog

Looking at my fitness log today I realize that I've only been to the gym / gone running 54 times since I started on October 1 2012. It seems like a lot more than that, but the reality makes it all seem less daunting. According to the stats here are my numbers:

60 Hours: Time actually spent working out.
40373: calories I've burned
120 miles: Distance I've RUN
31 lbs.: Weight lost

My resting heart rate has gone to 59, down from 74.

Though my knees hurt and I've got a somewhat nagging IT band syndrome, I feel better than I did in September....

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