March 18th, 2014

Stuff ends, stuff starts

trillian_stars has never been unemployed since I met her, which is no mean feat for an actor. There's never been a time that there wasn't a marked up script for a new play in her purse during the closing night celebration of the old one.

This last week Dancing at Lughnasa closed, as everyone expected, to sold-out performances. I went to the final night and ended up having to give up my seat to a stern looking family who eyed the empty seats next to me and mine with a glower that sent me up into the rafters for the last available, lonely chair in the nosebleed section but, so far away from the action I didn't feel bad slipping out my Fuji X-20 with it's silent electronic shutter and 112mm telephoto lens to snap an inconspicuous photo during the loud dance scenes.

And they danced! Like a wave on the ocean.
Clickenzee to Embiggen!

(Closed course photographed by trained professional, do not try snapping a photo during a theatrical performance or you risk being beaten, ejected from the theater, killed and then sued.)

After the play was the set strike where the whole thing gets disassembled and pieces get re-tasked for the next play. As many hands make light the work strike is often advertised as a quasi cast party where friends are invited to help move flats and take down staircases and it's kind of magical to get to stand on the set where you just saw the Magic Happening, and you get to look at all the props and see if the bread dough was real bread dough (it was) and if the stove was a real stove (it was) and how the water worked in the sink and what everybody's knitting projects looked like up-close. It's also a bit magical for other reasons -- the striking of the set during The Green Bird was the first time I actually felt like I was Trillian's boyfriend. We'd been dating a couple of weeks and she invited me to closing night strike and everybody treated me like I belonged and I remember thinking this feels really right. And nice and warm and comfortable and all that. (You can see some photos I took of The Green Bird here. It was a very strange play.) So it kind of feels like our anniversary to me in some ways. (You can also watch a bit of a time lapse video of Trillian and I pulling up the tiles of the kitchen floor on the set here.)

So after the strike there was a cast party and it was an Irish play ending on Saint Patrick's day, so there was Irish food and it was fun and warm and wonderful and lots of nice people were there. And the next morning trillian_stars was rehearsing for a staged reading series of new plays which happened Monday night.

Clickenzee to Embiggen!

She played a schoolteacher in a religious mission in the Navajo Nation in 1963 and it was an entirely different thing from Dancing at Lughnasa and an audience got to hear a new play that's being worked on and Trillian got to do something new and not so stressful and this week her rehearsals start for Sense and Sensibility where she's playing Elinor Dashwood.

That's all the news from back stage at Lake Woebegon.

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