March 27th, 2014

Big News

I go a text message and then an email a few hours ago from Philadelphia Weekly editor Stephen Segal telling me that I'd just won the 2014 Pennsylvania Newsmedia Association's annual Keystone Press Award for Best Feature Photo, for my portrait of taxidermist Beth Beverly (article by Tara Murtha). Weekly staff writer Randy LoBasso won the Distinguished Writing Award and a second place for news beat reporting and a second place for his profile of state rep Brian Sims (which I photographed). JR Blackwell got an honorable mention for her portrait of the Hip Hop Fundamentals dance group and Stephen himself will take home a fist full of awards in a variety of categories.

All in all, the Philadelphia Weekly got fifteen awards. I'm really proud to work with these people and grateful to Stephen for the opportunity to photograph so many of these wonderful stories. (Like the opportunity to photograph a mob boss, or a badass movie director.)

My behind the scenes blog about the Beth Beverly photoshoot can be found here.

It's been a wonderful ride with these folks and, over and over again, a life changing experience.

I like my photos and I think I've done good work, but winning this is an incredible sense of validation. It means something to me to do a thing and to do it well, and for purpose. It also means a great deal to have an art director who will trust your vision and let you push things in the direction bound by your creative heart, and I've gotten that so much from the Weekly who have provided me with opportunity after opportunity, then stood back silently before and cheered vocally after. They've made me feel loved, welcomed and appreciated and I'm so grateful.

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