September 4th, 2014

Twitter asks, we answer.

‏@chrystalml asks

@kylecassidy I often get passed by runners while I'm rambling. It's my instinct to high-five them, b/c I think they're awesome. Should I?

Ah -- here's a deep runner conundrum. Stay silent, or spread the joy?

Personally, I feel that every time I run past someone wearing a shirt from a race that I've run, they owe me a hi-5 because we shared an experience, and for a long time I'd yell "BROAD STREET RUN 2013!!!" and wave my arm out at them like a broken windmill and some people are like "HELLA YEAH! HI-5 BRO!!!" and others are like "I'm calling the freaking cops you assweird" and lately I've come to realize that it's a person-by-person judgement you need to make based on how friendly the person passing you looks.

Some of the West Philly Runners make it a point to nod or wave at every person they pass, I play it by ear.

Very often when I'm running an actual race I'll see actual friends of varying degrees passing me on the way back while I'm still on my way out (I'm slow, what can I say?) and I'll yell "DOING GREAT FRED!" or whatever and hold a hand out and, invariably they'll all ignore me and charge ahead, not because they don't think we're friends or whatever, but because they're focused on doing the best they possibly can and any hi-5 would detract from that and they probably don't even see me.

So I think the answer is "Offer a hi-5 to whoever you want, but don't feel bad if they leave you hanging". Any skin-on-skin contact between runners is sweaty and gross so you might just want to wave anyway. Hi-5 them at the banana stand at the end of the race or tag them on Facebook: "Just passed Joe Blow running like the wind. Hi-5 dude!"

The West Philly Runners celebrate their 200th run, with many hi-5's

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