November 11th, 2014

LOTS OF PUBLIC APPEARANCES: Where to see me in November 2014, get yr shiznit signed, hangout & run.

Tonight I'll be running "Beat the Bus" where a bunch of Philadelphia runners will race the 21 bus all the way across the city to a pizza party. Facebook event page here There's a Philly dot com article about it here.

Thursday I'm hosting Amanda Palmer at the First Unitarian Church (aka the big punk venue) for her Art of Asking book release party. Event details about that can be found here. Tickets are $20. I'll be doing some sort of interview on stage with Amanda and probably asking her to play some of my favorite songs.

Friday I'm giving a lecture at the Philadelphia Sketch Club. Event starts at 5:30 with a little mingling, my talk is at 6:15 info & RSVP here. I'll be talking about all sorts of stuff, probably a big slide show.

November 21-23 I'm Guest of Honor at the Philadelphia Science Fiction Convention. There are events planned throughout the weekend, a couple of dinners, a big lecture and a bunch of panels. It will be a splendid time.

That SUNDAY I'm also running the Philadelphia Half Marathon at 7:30 in the morning and then heading back to the convention at around 9:30. Let me know if you're at the con and also running the half.

At the moment, that's all the news from Lake Woebegon, but stick close, I have a couple of books and gallery shows coming up. Plus news on the Librarian front and a recap of the Dalai Lama portrait session.

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