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sometimes the analogies come first ....

sometimes the analogies come first ....

so i'm standing on a ladder in the sun room, painting it (the sun room, not the ladder), listening to "holy diver" -- when an analogy came to me in a flash:

"it's like a seventeen year old boy quoting ronnie james dio lyrics to the girl who just dumped him."

it's the perfect analogy for something. i'm not sure what yet. some sort of ... hurculean miscalculation that's doomed to failure but seems so certain at the time ....

"i waved a fish head in the air, but milla looked at me like i was a seventeen year old boy she'd just dumped who was standing in her driveway shouting ronnie james dio lyrics up at her in the driving rain."

something like that. in the meantime -- guess who this is:


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