December 31st, 2020


One beautiful thing that came from 2020 is that Molly Robison wrote this song about giving your whole heart away to someone you know is going to die. She wrote it about Roswell and about her mom, who also passed away. It's the most, heartfelt wonderful piece of music I've heard all year and I think it can be the mood of 2020. We can look at it as the year that defeated us, or we can look at it as a year of remembering and appreciating the things we had and the love we hope we'll one day have again.

If you like the song, I encourage you to share this and to buy it from her website.

"And while it hurts to think of you not being here
And the time we have still remains unclear
I'll still love you as well as I can, my dear
'Cause it's folly trying to know what's next
We'll stay happy and then we'll make up the rest
Can't guarantee it won't hurt, but I'll try my best"
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    Molly Robison, "Roswell"