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R.I.P. Scrunch the Cat ? - 5/4/2006

Last night scrunch_the_cat suffered a stroke. susanjacobson called at about 10:30 to say she was at VHUP with him. we raced over to find him on pain killers, calm, and in a cat-sized enclosure in the emergency room with petting access. Many of his friends were there, Karen, Wendy, & Christy.

The doctor said there was zero chance of a recovery.

At about 12:45 a.m, while we all held him, the doctor put him to sleep. He went quickly and quietly surrounded by people who really loved him and knew him for the remarkable, special, and overall extremely loving creature that he was. we brought him back to my place and buried him next to 1ear.

I'm comforted that he got to spent the last year and a half of his life with susan, who loved him as much as anything has ever been loved on this earth.

If you have comments, please click here to leave them in Susan Jacobson's journal.

The first photos of Scrunch, in his stray days, before he got cleaned up.

thank you.

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