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shibari and iPods....

yeah yeah. two things mes amis:

1) does anybody know a shibari rigger in the los angeles area who can do a full suspension?

2) my freaking iPod is a pain in the rear. i have it set to manually update because i'm using both my laptop and my office computer to transfer files. i bought a rottersam album and an abandoned pools album from iTunes, they play on my office computer fine. when i plug in my ipod it just flashes "do not connect" -- i drag the files from my library to my ipod. i look on the library of the iPod (using iTunes), they're there. i play them from the iPod library (through the computer) they play. i eject my iPod, look in the menu and ... no rottersam, no abandoned pools.

now, if there were justice in this world, i could play the files from my office computer on my laptop over the VPN and be done with it, but of course, because i didn't freaking steal them, they're encrypted and will only play on that computer. or my iPod. which claims it doesn't have them.

any advice from the iPeanut gallery?


(p.s. for those of you who want to know, momcat is sitting on the bed looking annoyed while meatball is chewing on her tail -- they've been this way for half an hour)
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