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favorite ....

this is my favorite in quite a while.

andrew, in his swank utilakilt, says "I've been shooting trap competitively since I was fifteen and just kept up with it."

They were so much fun; I just wanted to hang out all night. I fear that I was getting into a rut and this shoot was exactly what I needed to keep from turning into a photo mill.

I learned all sorts of interesting things too. Trap, which dates back to the 1700's, has five different firing positions where clay pigeons fly past at different angles. Also, while trap involves a single clay pidgeon, "skeet" has two, and eight different firing positions. So next time someone says to you "want to shoot some skeet?" and they only have one clay pigeon setter and a single barreled shotgun, you can laugh at their lack of sophistication while sipping your tea.
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