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kitty didn't make it.

she died before we got her to VHUP. she died cozy though, and not in a garage, and her last hours had some love, kindness, and human interaction. she was just too far gone, and who knows what illnesses she might have had. she could have been in advanced renal failure.

if you're sad and want to do something to make the world a better place where this happens less frequently, you could donate to city kitties (paypal to who are always thinking about the next homeless cat and who are the only ones i know of in west philadelphia busting their butts to end this feral nightmare. or you could foster or adopt a stray in your own town. it'll change your life, for the better, i promise.

i also promise there i have good news about other things that i'll post tomorrow and i'll stop being such a drag on your LJ experience.

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