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meatball finds a home

meatball sung's reign of terror is over!!! yes. it's official. meatball doesn't live here anymore. she found a wonderful new home downtown with tara who adopted her through city kitties. the cranky old ladies (milla, tattiana, and momcat) are throwing a party -- no more tail biting, midnight raids, and non stop playing, noise making, running about, impertenant ping pong ball batting, endless tail chasing, or ear attacks. myself, the house is soooo empty without the flop!flop!flop!flop!flop!flop!flop! noise that was meatball rushing full tilt to greet me at the door whenever i came home and sleeping on the pillow next to my head. i'm going to miss that little girl. and i know you will too. that's why i've uploaded this 500k movie of meatball sung playing that you can download and watch over and over.

i'm also attaching the first email i got from tara after meatball moved in with her.


Just wanted to give you a Meatball progress report.
Meatball is an absolute delight, I adore her! She is my precious darling little baby.
She says hello and she misses her old friends and the cats she used to torment. So now she just torments me.

She initially spent a few hours in a closet, but after that she came out and explored her environs, and by the end of the day she was queen of the household. She was playing and eating and letting me pick her up and hold her and even purring at me. She also met her new "grandpop," my father, who also adores her already. She usually spends the entire night playing, she really likes to bounce around with that little fur mouse you sent along. However. last night she had her first night where she actually slept in my bed much of the night. She starts out at the foot of the bed, and every few hours she inches closer to me. Then when I wake up in the morning she is standing up at the foot of the bed just staring at me, as if to say, "Why are you laying there like a lump? Get up and play!" The funny thing is she plays in the litter box a lot as if it were a playpen. She enjoys scratching around in the litter repeatedly.

Things Meatball thinks are toys:
1) litter box
2) pooper scooper
3) my slippers (in the morning they are always far away from where they started out)
4) my hands and feet
5) the bathtub (she's REALLY into exploring the bathtub. It's fascinating!)
6) bathroom floor mat, which for some reason she is particularly interested in beating to a pulp as if it were alive.
7) toilet paper

The world is just one big toybox for Meatball. Oh, and she has discovered the windowsill, which she loves.

Thank you for taking such good care of her, and thank you for sending her favorite toys with her. She enjoys them very much. It is thanks to your care that she is a healthy thriving cat. I know you will miss her but I will send photos and updates. She's only been here a few days and I've already taken a hundred pictures! She is the most precious adorable thing. Just the right cat at just the right time!

Oh, and I didn't know she was famous on the internet until Lou told me. I looked up your journal, and it is so cool! It's so nice the way you made such a fuss over Meatball and all those people wrote back to say how cute she is. I especially like the picture where she's standing on your face. I'm surprised I didn't have more competition for her! I'm sooo lucky I got the best cat in the world!

Lou, perhaps you can put Meatball on your Happy Tails page!

City Kitties rocks!



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