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jim and nicky

Jim lost his vocal chords to cancer. He uses a vocal prosthetic called a "servox" to talk now. When he first wanted to buy a gun nobody would help him, because he sounded strange when he spoke. He felt like he had some sort of communicable disease. I can say though, he's a charming guy when you meet him. This was the fastest of all my portrait sessions, it took about 15 minutes. Sometimes you just get it.

Jim and Nicky with his Taurus .38 snub nose special, Colt 380-Auto, Pony Pocketlite and Sig Sauer P232 .380.

Jim: When I was diagnosed with cancer I found myself and my family in need of protection. I was too old to fight, too sick to run, and since cancer took my vocal cords, I couldn't yell for help. I purchased my first ever firearm.

Nicky's a teenager now and doesn't move around much. But, Jim tells me, when he was younger he was one of those hyperactive dogs. A favorite family game was to shout "Run Nicki, Run!" and the dog would wag it's tail and run full tilt from one end of the house to the other, over and over and over, all day long. Now Nicky's more of a lap dog, which seems to suit Jim fine.

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