kyle cassidy (kylecassidy) wrote,
kyle cassidy

we moved from the mojave desert to the sonoran desert. spotted at first and eventually strewn with saguaro cactus. the heat is brutal and unrelenting but, well, it's a desert. you never forget it. but each step you take, you see something more beautiful than you've seen. barrel cactus the size of trash cans, flowers hidden in the scrub ....

after sunset the temperature starts to drop.

by midnight it was downright cold and we were in the middle of nowhere. we hadn't seen a car in hours. but what we did see, was the center of our own galaxy.

living in the city, i'd never seen the milky way. and it was so bright, i couldn't believe that's what it was at first. i thought it was most likely clouds illuminated by sky glow. but no. we stopped on what a sign warned us was a "primitive road" and watched the stars for an hour.

this is a 15 second exposure with a 50mm 1.8 wide open at 800 asa looking directly at the constallation of saggitarius.

we're in gallup new mexico. austin tomorrow night (hi faustie). things are going splendidly.

my house is filled with tourists and vagrants. i hope they don't leave the soap on the sink.

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