kyle cassidy (kylecassidy) wrote,
kyle cassidy

the armed america tour is off to a really great start. it's been a lot of driving (well, phil's done all the driving, i just hang my arm out the window and watch it burn) punctuated by meeting a lot of really nice, really enthusiastic people.

we did four portraits today, which is more than i've ever done in a week people have put us up in their houses and one couple who we had only met 45 minutes before insisted on buying us dinner. i thought they were going to hug us when we left. i'm learning that a lot of people have something they desperately want to say, but nobody's ever asked them.

and i think that's true for a lot of things. not just "why do you own a gun?"

here's HT from california:

the morning i left i woke up and thought to myself "What the hell am i doing? i don't want to do this, i can't leave here." jittery and trepidatious, but after the first portrait, things just got into a great swing and though i miss my cats, it's not as bad as i'd expected.

it's been kind of crazy, cooped up in the front seat with two cameras, a laptop, an external hard drive, a lot of books, and an ipod, trying to edit photos, organize things, and find the next town. but i'm having a great time.

see some of you sooner, some of you later, and the rest of you maybe.

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