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chess anyone?

my friend mark is coming up from delaware for the u.s. chess open this weekened. he is the kindest and gentlest person it's ever been my good fortune to meet.

mark's idea of a fun day is beating me in about sixty concecutive games of speed chess while incessantly throwing my game with a rapid-fire and non stop bombardment of questions about my personal life ("do you think you get along with your father?" "have you ever had to defend yourself in a fight?" "have you ever read the great santini? would you like me to recite it to you?" "are there relationships you've had that hurt you deeply?") my idea of a fun day ends after getting beaten about nine times. which means there's going to be a whole lot of mark going "what if i spot you a rook? what if i spot you a rook and two pawns? what if i don't look at the board?" so, i was thinking of hanging out at the green line two, where i could read a novel of nauticle adventure and mark could challenge all comers -- all the while both of us enjoying frothy latte's.

anybody interested? i could try and figure out a time.


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