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went to the dolls show tonight with phil, zoe, and stacy. doug stayed over last night and went to see them at webster in new york. saw paco in the audience, waved. people were passing out and being hauled over the barricade by security. binary angel was up there in the photo pit.

at the end of the show someone picked up brian's set list and threw it into the audience. it didn't make it, and swirled into the photo pit. binary angel picked it up and people in the front row started SCREAMING "give it to me! give it to me!" so she said "name a dresden dolls song" -- and nobody could -- they just stood there with arms outstreached. she put it in her camera bag and later i saw her give it to a little girl in a homemade dresden dolls t-shirt who hugged her like a lost stuffed bunny. my faith in humanity is bolstered by little acts.

after the show we walked back down penns landing and watched the fireworks.

mark and don got back about 10:30 after their first day at the u.s. chess open. don managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory with two losses and a draw. he has two games tomorrow. i'll probably pop down and watch it for a while.

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