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one eyed kitten is IN THA HAWSE

so i look out in the back yard, and our single mother (momcat2) is busy having unprotected sex with a big tom cat. i creep out into the back yard and she tries to get away, but he's got a good hold of her neck and he doesn't seem to care about anything else except what he's ... er ... doing. so i made a grab for her, she got away. the tabby kitten got away, the blind kitten ran under a bush. i reached in and, on account of that it CAN'T SEE i was able to nab it. it FREAKED OUT, hissing, yowling, clawed me up fierce. and, while i was doing this -- and this is so heart breaking -- momcat2 freaked out, hissed, screamed, and RAN OVER AND BIT ME IN THE LEG. i figured rather than try and grab two, a cat in the hand is worth two in the bush, so to speak, so i tossed the little one in the cat carrier. momcat2 kept hissing and freaking out, i made another grab for her, but she got away. one eyed kitten is now under the sofa in the Scrunch Room.

I went out back and told momcat2 that it was better this way and that she should come in too, but I don't speak cat.

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