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and then something bad happened

And it all happened so suddenly too.

Around 11:45 this morning I was playing with Roswell and noticed that she suddenly started wobbling as she walked. Then she fell over. I picked her up and she was purring, but I knew something was wrong. I ran downstairs with her and by the time I got her in the cat carrier, she was having what appeared to be a severe seizure. Her legs were moving uncontrollably behind her head, she was meowing loudly, her body was streched out completely and at times she would seem to involuntarily roll over.

I was expecting to watch her die in the long line at the Penn Vet Hospital, but someone saw me running down the driveway, grabbed me by the shoulder and shouted "triage for a cat!" -- someone else in scrubs swooped in and took the carrier from me and rushed her behind a very clinical looking door, butting Roswell in front of a whole waiting rooms of dogs with sniffles, cats with diarreah, and parrots with foul mouthes.

Roswell was admitted into the Intensive Care Unit at the Penn Vet Hospital. After a few hours in the waiting room, they let me go back and see her. "There is something neurologically not right about her" was the Doctor's explanation. She was better, not thrashing around so much, not howling, but shaking and having trouble sitting upright. I'm not sure how much of that was an actual improvement and how much was the valium though. She's also blind.

I scratched her head, rubbed her belly, and she crawled towards me, but i really couldn't be sure if she was crawling to me because she liked me, or if she was just crawling because some misfiring synapse in her brain was making her crawl.

My visit with the doctors boiled down to basically two things:

1) They don't know what's wrong with her
2) It's certianly possible she could recover and lead a full life

among the things it could be: toxoplasmosis, parasitic larva migrations through the nervous system, cerebellar hypoplasia, fungal infections, and a few other things I don't remember.

We'll possibly know more tomorrow, but, as the doctor pointed out, "with neurological problems you never know. some people are in a coma for months and recover."

The bright side -- and there is one -- is that if we hadn't caught her and brought her in, this would be happening to her under a bush somewhere.

Oh darling roswell.

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