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roswell: results inconclusive but encouraging

quick like a bunny roswell update.

i just got off the phone with her doctor. she had two tests for FIP, the 100% fatal cat illness that this little bunny has symptoms of. The first test, an antibody test shows if she has been exposed to a corona virus, there are several, only one of which causes FIP. That test came back positive. Which is not good, but it's not the end of the world. The second test, called a PCR test looks for actual corona viri in her blood. That one came back negative. So, they still don't know for sure, but the PCR test results are encouraging. So now we watch and see if she gets worse or gets better. he did say that if she has FIP she will begin a rapid descent and be dead very soon, especially since she's already shown neurological signs. I feel cautiously optomistic.

she's been sleeping on my shoulder every night. rolled up like a pill bug. purring her little belly off.

her sister remains cute as a bug and now likes to be held. aaaand she needs a home.


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