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back at thorson house. did two portraits really early this morning, went to the publishers & met my editor, a really fantastic guy named paul who has had much enthusiasm for this project since the day he got my proposal in the mail. met ken ramage, the editor of gun digest (note to oleg volk: i can hook you up dude!). had a really good meeting with the sales department -- all is going well. after a little resting up here (phil is reading a book on one of the other sofas) we have one more portrait here and then one more tonight in south eastern WI, then off to madison tomorrow.

we saw a gigantic wild turkey on the side of the road (no it was not in a bottle) and a raccoon that looked like a bear. ghosts were quiet last night. while we were out, maids came in and scrubbed the place clean. i could get used to this.

i always wanted to be an author, i'm starting to feel like one.

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