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we're safely ensconsed in the Zombie Squad compound. The bunker walls are four feet thick and we can see 360 degrees outside through the periscope. we have food and water for two people for six months. we feel pretty safe. one person could defend this place pretty much indefinately.

we saw SNAKES ON A PLANE which is cool, but we saw it with ZOMBIE SQUAD, which is cooler. and then we went to a party.

there is a cat in the bunker with us that looks like a freaking EWOK. it's the same size. same hair. it loves phil.

this is pretty much how it went between me and kyle tonight:

kyle: Hey Kyle, could you pass the salt? Heh heh heh. Kyle.
kyle: Sure, Kyle. Here it is. Heh heh heh. Kyle.
kyle: Thanks, Kyle. Heh heh heh. Kyle
kyle: No problemo, Kyle. Heh heh heh.

This is lost on those of you with names like "Bill".

(p.s. all the house sitters report roswell is rocking happy)

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