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st. louis is being very good to us. we did five portraits today, which might be a new record. we have three or four scheduled for tomorrow. then off to indianapolis to photograph two little girls and their pink ar-15's. everything is absolutely fantastic. we went to this place called the "city museum" which i can't really describe it's ... an urban, indoor, CAVE, a giant six story habitrail, they tell you "anything you can fit into, you can climb" -- you can climb six stories up, outside, in the air in wire tunnels (crazy ground visible beneath your feet) and inside in a giant labrynth that sometimes goes down to tunnels about 18 inches high, or opens up into vaulted ceilings, or a sliding board that takes you down on a 70 degree angle for three stories, or spinning around in a corkscrew for 100 feet. it's freaking amazing. it's worth flying out here just to go to that place.

we went to a zombie squad dinner tonight, did a portrait upstairs from a bar, made incredible friends with wonderful people. i really couldn't be having more fun if i was playing guitar in aerosmith.

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